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  • Dealing with the After-Effects of Amputation

    Losing a limb is an event with repercussions that changes your whole life. When the amputation is the result of a traumatic accident, the implications for the future can be more complicated. The implications will likely be physical, as well as mental and emotional and can last for many years.

    Understanding the physical issues that arise due to an amputation is important for your necessary emotional and mental healing.

    Lasting physical effects of losing a limb

    These are some issues that you may experience if you have had an amputation:

    • This can also be referred to as “œphantom limb” pain. You could feel sensations that seem to be coming from the part of the body that has been removed.
    • This pain refers to discomfort coming from the nerves in the area where a limb was removed.
    • The site where your amputation occurred could become infected, necessitating further removal of tissue.
    • This is a painful growth or benign tumor involving nerve tissue. They usually develop in the foot or toes.

    Emotional effects

    There are some distressing emotional consequences that may result from the loss of a limb, especially if your amputation is due to a traumatic accident.

    Here are some of the common issues that you may deal with:

    • You may experience specific anxiety related to your accident or generalized anxiety.
    • Sadness and a sense of loss are common after an amputation, but depression goes deeper. You may begin to pull away from family and friends or suffer from other symptoms of depression. It’s important to express any signs of depression to your doctor.
    • Not being able to do the things you used to be able to do can bring with it a sense of frustration or dissatisfaction.
    • The frustration can turn to anger, especially when those around you say insensitive things in regard to your accident.
    • PTSD is a serious condition and can cause you to have flashbacks of your accident or traumatic injury. The limb that was lost can act as a constant reminder of the incident, heightening the symptoms.

    Looking ahead

    A traumatic amputation may result in the need to have physical and/or occupational therapy for your rehabilitation. This process can be extensive and long-lasting.

    Not only are these issues time-intensive but they can also be very costly, not only due to medical expenses but also due to the possible loss of income you have sustained due to the injury.

    If you have lost a limb due to a traumatic accident or injury, you may need to seek legal advice. The lawyers at Howard Yegendorf and Associates can help you receive compensation that may be owing to you.

  • Hire a personal injury lawyer in Ottawa

    If you or a loved one has had a traumatic or surgical amputation following an accident, the accident lawyers at Howard Yegendorf & Associates can help. We represent victims who have had amputations as a result of a catastrophic injury that was caused by someone else’s negligent actions. Our experienced lawyers can help you to pursue a fair and full compensation for:

    • Pain and suffering
    • Cost of having home and car modifications
    • Cost of wheelchairs and other mobility devices
    • Health and rehabilitation expenses
    • Costs associated with prosthetics

    Most of our clients who have sustained amputations usually retain us immediately after an accident. We then help them obtain the funds and resources they need for their rehabilitation – such as an occupational therapist, home modifications, funding for ramps and wheelchairs, pain-management psychologists, and long-term disability benefits.

  • We have massive experience in amputation cases

    Our Ottawa attorneys carry a combined experienced of more than 50 years representing clients with amputations. Our law office has the skills and resources needed to ensure a successful outcome. We will work with the surgeon, prosthetist and physical therapist to get all the documents required to support your claim. No case is too big or too small for our legal team. We understand how the injury can take an emotional and financial toll on you and your family. That’s why we promise to help you focus on the recovery process as we handle every legal aspect of your situation. We will do whatever it takes to ensure you receive settlement for past, present and future expenses incurred because of the injury.

    An accident lawyer in Ottawa, ON for Amputation Victims

    Amputations are a lifelong consequence of catastrophic injuries to limbs. Amputations are typically associated with injuries that occur as a result of car accidents, motorcycle accidents and other motor vehicle accidents. At Howard Yegendorf & Associates, our accident lawyers in Ottawa, ON know these injuries require extensive medical care and rehabilitation, as well as adjustments in lifestyle, living arrangements and ability to work.

    We are here to help

    If you or a loved one has lost a limb due to the negligent actions of another, feel free to call our attorneys for help. You can reach us on 613-237-5000 or 1-866-303-5118 to schedule a free consultation with our lawyer. We are located in Ottawa, Toronto and the GTA, and throughout Eastern Ontario.


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